First Post

So, I set up this blog about 7 months ago and forgot about it. I intended to talk about projects I was working on but got really busy with classes and never posted anything, not wanting to talk about what I was going to do without actually doing it. I’m about to launch my first small time project though, possibly within a week, and I now have more free time to write about other technology and business related topics of interest to me since I’ve started my co-op, so I decided now’s the time to start posting.

For a long time I’ve had a strong interest in XUL, the language used in applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, and Songbird. I’ve been reading tutorials for the past 2 weeks and started my first Firefox extension, entitled Color Management. It’s a very simple extension that simply provides a GUI front end for users to enable the color management feature that’s included with Firefox 3, but is disabled by default. Down the road I hope to add new features that might be applicable to color management.

In case you’re wondering,  color management allows images to be displayed with the same color profiles used to create them, meaning images will display in your browser the way they were meant to. This article has a test image showing how different color profiles are displayed in browsers without color management.

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