Color Management 0.3

Here’s the next version of my Color Management extension. This is just a compatibility update, supporting Firefox 3 RC1. In the next week I plan on releasing another version with some feature enhancements.

I’ve been having trouble uploading the new version to the Firefox Add-ons Site (the connection keeps timing out), so for now it’ll only be available here.

Download Color Management 0.3



I own an HP tx1000z Tablet PC. It’s a really great notebook, but the touchscreen isn’t all I thought it would be. I’d heard about this software called Touchkit that could increase screen sensitivity (among other options), and until today was unable to successfully find it.

Touchkit, made by EETI, has versions for Linux, Mac, and Windows (including Vista). I recommend disabling cursor stabilization if you’re going to be writing: open the Calibration Utility, click the Setting tab, then click Option.