Twitter Web Intents Javascript Events Not Firing

If you’re trying out Twitter’s Web Intents Javascript Events and it’s not working, be aware that they only work if your HTML page is loaded from an HTTP server. If you open your page locally off your hard drive it won’t work, though you can fire up an Apache instance on your localhost and it’ll work from there.


Update: It looks like this can also happen with the Facebook JavaScript API: I guess it’s because they use iFrames, and using them locally can cause security problems.


Saved Web Pages from Firefox Have Scripts Removed

So, I was just in the middle of a programming test for a job application where I had to download an HTML page, edit the JavaScript to perform a desired task, and email it back. I downloaded the page, but the JavaScript had been replaced by the text, “Script removed by snapshot save”. Luckily the removed JS was only one line and I was able to figure out what it was.

Afterwards, I went searching for the cause and found this forum post, which explains that the problem is caused by the Mozilla Archive Format extension, which has a setting that even affects pages not saved as .maff. To fix the problem, go into the MAF extension settings and change “When saving complete web page contents:” from “Take a faithful snapshot of the page” to one of the other options.

Recruiter SPAM

Got a job posting mass emailed to me today, here’s an excerpt:

“Our records show based on your resume, which was imported into our system recently that you are an experienced IT professional whose background may possibly align to the senior level position we have been retained to work on…” [Emphasis added by me.]

Wow, they didn’t even try to pretend that they read my resume or sent me a personal email, pretty ballsy, and of course the job had nothing to do with my skill set. It’s also hard to imagine any quality senior level candidates responding to such a faceless, generic email. To any recruiters who might be reading, this sort of email gets marked as SPAM.