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Color Management 0.5 Add-on Released

Sorry for the long delay everyone, I’ve been really busy at my new job. In about a month I plan on changing my website from a personal blog to an open source community, so hopefully I’ll get some volunteers to help out with development.

I’ve been having some problems with the Firefox Add-ons Site, so for now this will only be available here. Some new features are:

  • Changed target application to XUL 1.9.1, so it should work with any XUL 1.9.1 based app, including:
    • Firefox 3.5
    • Thunderbird 3
    • SeaMonkey 2.0
  • Updated for new options in XUL 1.9.1
  • Choose profile dialog now defaults to OS specific color profile folder on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Color Management 0.5 Add-on

Color Management Extension Released

Well, fixing the bugs in my Color Management extension went a lot faster than I though, and in 3 short days I had a usable release. Last night I posted my extension to the Firefox Add-ons site and the Songbird Add-ons site. It’s nice to see that in the 10 hours since I first posted it, my extension has been downloaded 7 times from the Songbird site.

I was able to add in the file browser fairly quickly, which is something I wasn’t planning on doing until after the first release. It’s a really simple extension, so all that’s left to do is add more localizations and fix bugs if there are any. If anyone finds any bugs or has a localization to add, just post below and I’ll add it in. The only other thing I can think of is linking to the ICC test page and/or putting the test image right in the extension.

Download the Color Management extension (Firefox 3.0b4, Songbird 0.5)


Below are links to information on Color Management that I found useful:

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